OUYA order @ amazon

The OUYA gme console has already something in common with the Sony PS4 or the new XBox:
You can pre-order all of these consoles at amazon!

The EURo price is 119,99 in Germany. OUYA is currently not available on the UK site of amazon.

For you to compare:

Makes the OUYA look pretty cheap, right? Well - of course I know there is a difference on the feature level as well.

Why Free OUYA - what is it all about?

OUYA is the brand new $99 gaming console, powered by Android, where all the games are free to try.
If you want to know the typical stuff, check out wikipedia here.
My personal experiences with OUYA can be found in the BLOG section here blog.free-ouya.com.

You want your own? Where to get the OUYA will be an upcoming feature here. No worries you can buy the OUYA although, or especially as the Kickstarter is over.

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